Harpsichord Tuning

Harpsichords generally don't hold their tune as well as pianos owing to the fact that most lack the heavy cast iron frame typical of pianos and are instead constructed almost entirely of wood. Consequently they require more frequent tuning, so hiring a professional is in most cases not feasible and tuning is left to the harpsichord owner. I am happy, however, to provide my tuning services if you wish to spend more of your time playing, or if you would like to give your harpsichord the extra sparkle of a professional tuning. Please see "Requesting Work" for a list of common indications that your instrument may require work in addition to tuning.

Most frequently, tunings are requested before a concert by performers or institutions. Although a harpsichordist may be perfectly capable of tuning, chances are she would much rather spend her time getting ready in other ways. If you have a performance approaching, please contact me and I will be happy to prepare your instrument in accordance with your preferences. Be sure to mention your pitch and temperament preferences, if you have any, so that I can meet your needs.

The frequency of tunings can be reduced by protecting your harpsichord from large changes in humidity and temperature. For tips on how to accomplish this, please see "Placing Your Piano for Tuning Stability" and "Humidity Control" under the "Piano Tuning" section.
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