What Are Some of the Most Common Repairs?

There are many parts in a piano, so there are also many different types of repairs. Some of the most common ones include broken and/or missing hammer repairs, splicing or replacing broken strings, re-pinning tight or loose hammers, easing tight keys, and lubricating pedals. Not only are these among the most common, they are also relatively quick, easy, and by extension relatively inexpensive. There are of course more major repairs, and in some cases an instrument may be due for rebuilding because so many things need to be addressed.

Requesting Repairs

If you notice that one or more notes on your piano are sluggish, don't repeat, or fail to play at all, chances are that some sort of repair is needed. When you contact me for service, I can sometimes determine the cause of the problem from your description. In many cases I will need to take a look at the piano, often as part of a tuning call, and provide an estimate at that time.
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