The "3 T's" and the All-day Service

Sometimes piano technicians talk about the "3 T's". These are tuning, touch, and tone. Calling them the 3 T's collectively is meant to illustrate that in order for a piano to perform at its peak, all 3 areas must be optimized. A perfectly tuned piano with a harsh tone will not sound pleasant, nor will one with a beautiful tone that is out of tune. If the piano is out of regulation, it will be very difficult to control and therefore difficult to play beautifully.

In the all-day service, I schedule seven or eight hours of work, then I prioritize tasks based on which of the 3 T's needs the biggest improvement. In prioritizing, I also keep my client's concerns in mind, so that if her concern were a harsh tone, I would prioritize voicing. Quite often I will end up doing some voicing, some regulation, and tuning, so that the entire character of the piano can be changed for the better.

When you contact me for service, I might suggest this approach based on our conversation, but usually I would evaluate the piano's condition and your expectations before recommending an all-day service. If this kind of service seems to fit your situation, please feel free to suggest it when you contact me initially or at any time afterward.
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