What Factors Affect the Sensation of Heaviness or Lightness in the Keys?

The sensation of heaviness or lightness while playing a piano is due to a convergence of hammer weight, the manner in which the keys are weighted, friction in the keys and/or action, the leverage of the piano action, and hammer voicing. For example, excessive friction in the keys or action centers contributes to a heavy feeling in the action. Strangely, changes in voicing can greatly affect how a piano feels. Generally, if an instrument is voiced more brightly, it will feel lighter since less force will be required to achieve the desired volume.

I can evaluate these factors to propose a solution providing the maximum benefit for the least amount of alteration to the keys, hammers, and action. If friction is the major culprit, it is unwise to spend time altering the action ratio, which might be exactly as it should be already. If the action ratio is incorrect, solely re-weighting the keys will not solve the problem.

Requesting Touch Weight Alteration

Mention your concerns when you contact me if you are unhappy with how heavy or light your piano action feels. I will know that there is a problem I need to address and I can come prepared with tools that may be useful in performing the necessary repairs, or in taking measurements to aid in finding an appropriate solution.
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